Paul Myers

Paul Gaiacraft

Paul Myers has walked a rich and winding journey of life, and has no intention of letting it get boring now. He was raised in the USA in an age of unbridled imperialism, mindless growth, and the importance of appearances. Deemed “unpatriotic” as a young war resistor, he knew all along the need for a kinder and more just world. He has travelled the world, lived in five countries, and sat in the vaunted halls of Academia, eventually obtaining three post graduate degrees in theology, (MCS, MDiv, DTh). Ordained in 1993, Paul was a minister in downtown Vancouver, intrepidly calling for change in a changing world, until his distaste for institutional intransigence became complete. He busted free and moved to the Sunshine Coast in 2006, taking little with him but the persistent belief that people and the planet matter, that spiritual sweat of any kind is still the best kind, and that the nonviolent power of the few can constructively sway the many. In 2007 he backed his partner Dawn to begin Backyard Bounty, a spin farming business and CSA project, which lately has become the single enterprise of the eight acre Brookbank Farm in Gibsons ( In the ensuing years they also founded the Gibsons Farm Collective ( Paul completed the Permaculture Design course with Delvin in 2014. Greatly encouraged, Brookbank Farm is now home and laboratory for permaculture-inspired practices as we attempt to make viable a small scale organic farm. Paul also works part time for a fantastic non-profit serving at-risk youth in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver ( He has authored one book and several award-winning short stories and essays (


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