Kitsilano Food Forest

The Kitsilano Forest Garden is a co-creation based on the design from participants of the Urban Forest Garden Workshop series presented by Laura Walker & Kym Chi. 

These workshops were free and open for all to attend:

  • Introduction to Forest Gardening
  • Mapping & Designing a Forest Garden
  • Fall planting/soil preparation
  • Permiblitz Forest Garden Installation

This Forest Garden was designed in collaboration with the Kitsilano Community Centre Garden Committee with the intention of creating a garden that is ecological, edible, medicinal and beautiful. It demonstrates gardening in harmony with nature, restoring the relationship between people and the ecological community. Forest gardens are solutions for food security and ecological regeneration for generations to come!

Design: Laura Walker & The Kitsilano Community Garden Committee

Map: Patrick Colvin

Sponsors: City of Vancouver Small Neighbourhood Grants, The Heart Gardens, The Forest Atrium, Mean’s of Production, Wing Wong’s Nursery, Sun Tai Sang Farm, Hunter’s Garden Centre, Robin B. Clark Inc, 

hands_up_DSC01396Ecological Principles

Soil Building: To add nutrients and prepare the soil for Spring planting, we planted the following species in the Autumn:

  • Yarrow – Biodynamic composting plant
  • Chamomile – Biodynamic composting plant
  • Clover – Nitrogen fixing ground cover
  • Comfrey – Deep rooted nutrient accumulator, mulch
  • Fava Beans – Nitrogen fixing, soil cultivator
  • Mullein – Mulch

Upcycling Waste: We picked up leaves that local residents had gathered in bags on the sidewalk to use as mulch.

Catching and Storing Energy: For the succession plan, we planted edible and medicinal ground covers like sweet woodruff, clover and strawberries that act as a living mulch, keeping moisture in the soil and preventing erosion plus adding an extended season of harvest and visual interest.

Feeding the Ecological Community: We planted species that will offer food and habitat for beneficial creatures.

Use and Value Diversity: This garden offers a variety of species of berries, greens and wild flowers to feed people and pollinators alike. It also brings local community together over a shared interest in nourishing ourselves and beautifying the cityscape.

Photos by Paolo DiPersico


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