Moon Gardens

Moon Gardens

Earth Energy Healing Medicine Wheel

Aligning with the Natural Cycles

Gaia’s Guild aims to cultivate awareness of living in alignment with the natural cycles. This includes a knowledge of appropriate seasonal tasks, gardening in alignment with the biodynamic calendar and the waxing and waning cycles of the moon as well as embracing the concepts of death, decay and composting to create holistic, closed loop systems.

We have co-created a moon garden to honour the feminine energy of the moon and the night sky by integrating medicinal plants for women as well as plants with white flowers which will glow in the moonlight. The circular design of the garden reminds us of the cyclical patterns observed in nature. We have facilitated this co-creation with Sylvia Sophia Cust who hosts full moon ceremonies which are open to the community.


Gaia’s Guild – A testimony 

A Gift that Keeps Growing and Growing:

For several years, my neglected garden awaited my attention, care and commitment.  

When finally last spring I found the services of Gaia’s Guild and made a promise to my garden.

With her kindness, creative design skills and her knowledge of permaculture, Laura Walker waltzed into my garden and amazing changes began.

As soon as I felt the support and the excitement of imagining the possibilities for growing my garden; choice of vegetables, flowers and flowering vines my Spirit lifted. I learned from Laura about the choice of rich soil and came into right relationship to the landscape, the water, the sun and the bees, the hummingbirds and the deer, the weeds and plants.

Laura engaged me in the design of 2 garden beds: one for veggies, such as kale in abundance, quinoa, lambs quarters, evening primrose and parsley. The other was an edible flower garden: Nasturtiums, calendula, sage and chives.  They grew into a brilliant array of color as nature took its’ course. We had a tasty source of food and stunning beauty. 

One of the most magical creations was Laura’s idea of planting winter flowering vine of passion flowers on one side of a shed outside my bay window. By June, passion flowers were blooming and brought into Ceremony. 

This leads me to the final co-creation. That of a moon garden. 

It is circled with white crushed sea shells….seeded with winter clover, alpine strawberries, white violets and an inner circle of winter crocuses and an outer circle of thyme. In a powerful ceremony,we activated the medicine wheel last fall.

This is an amazing work in progress on a spiritual ecological level that keeps growing. 

Submitted in gratitude and joy.

In the spirit of my Metis grandmothers

We are walking the beauty way

For all our relations.


Sylvia-Sophia Cust

Full Moon Ceremonies

We gather to be of service to the Divine Mother, to be in right relationship, to be in the presence of healing and love.   The energies of you, your intention, your songs and prayer in union with the Earth, the Moon, the Sacred Waters, and the Sacred Fire creates a powerful vortex of healing energy and a portal for deep transformation. 

We invite you to take the opportunity to also share your grief, personal, collective and planetary. We can bring honor and love for who and what has died. Offer your grief pieces  to the Fire and the Water, to transmute the pain and sorrow of loss into joy and giving thanks.

Deep gratitude for this land, held sacred by the Squamish First Nations and for the privilege of gathering in ceremony, for all our relations. We invite you to prepare and bring your offerings, to breathe your intention into them and place in the Fire and then place your grief offerings into the Water. You will be guided through.

You are strongly invited to share other layers of ceremony from your own indigenous traditions. It may include your sacred Pipe, your Crystal bowl, a teaching, Drum song or movement. We will gratefully weave it all in. Deep gratitude for our Earth-consciousness-raising circles, dedicated to peace & sustainability.  Aho! 

– Sylvia Cust

New Moon Ceremonies

Waxing and waning, the Moon calls us to dance with her throughout her cycles. The New Moon is a particularly potent aspect for it reminds us of the emptying that comes after the fullness, and in that emptying a fertile darkness arises. A darkness where we can rest, dream and plant seeds. A darkness where we become deeply receptive to the yearnings and longings of our soul.

Circling with our SiStars, as women have done since the dawn of time, at the New Moon creates a sacred space to listen to what is longing to be heard and to share with what is longing to be voiced. We bring ourselves and our willingness to witness and be witnessed.  We stop our doing and instead listen to what is calling for our attention. We take the time to tend to our dreams. We set intentions as a container for the flow and expression of energy over the next moon cycle. 

Why is this important? Because, when we tend ourselves in this way, we tend others and we tend this beautiful planet we call home. When circle with with our SiStars by the dark of the Moon, we circle with women throughout space and time, including the ancestors and the descendants, we circle as an act of radical self-love, remembering that our lives matter. We allow the walls of separation to dissolve and, with great intimacy and tenderness, we touch each others hearts. 

– Margaret Howe


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