Native Plants and Invasives

There is currently chemical warfare happening on invasive species. Gaia’s Guild offers alternatives to these current techniques and is inspired by Tao Orion’s Beyond the War on Invasive Species: A Permaculture Approach to Ecosystem Restoration.
Two sites we are involved with offer different techniques.

Native Plant Garden

Working with Larry Popowich, on a site in Wilson Creek, we removed and composted excessively vigorous species such as english ivy, morning glory and Himalayan blackberries and replaced them with plants native to this bioregion. These species were selected to provide food for people and the local fauna as well as providing habitat for some species.
For example, some non invasive species you could plant in place of Himalayan blackberries include: nootka rose, raspberry & thimbleberry. Instead of english ivy you could plant salal, deer fern or honeysuckle.

The Henderson Beach Project

Together with the Ministry and Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI), the Sunshine Coast Official Community Planning Committee (SCOCPC) and the Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD) we organized a group of 13 community volunteers and every two weeks cut the knotweed to the ground. This next year, plans are to harvest the knotweed and use as a food and medicinal plant. Please contact Dana or Dianne at for more details.
HendersonKnotweed2016-2017Summary1 HendersonKnotweed2016-2017p2Summary1


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