Bios and Contact

Bios and Contact


Laura Walker

Email :
Phone : 778 990 1425

Laura Walker designs gardens that are regenerative, beautiful & abundant! Her speciality is in food forestry. She is currently completing an advanced diploma in land design through the Permaculture Institute (USA).

Laura is the Assistant Food Network Coordinator for One Straw Society, a non-profit for food sovereignty and community resilience on the Sunshine Coast (CAN). 

She facilitates workshops and is currently co-designing two community forest garden projects.


Dana Wilson

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Dana lives in a tiny home she has helped build and design on the Sunshine Coast, Canada, and is part of The Smart Farm Project a group working with  local governments to change bylaws on tiny homes and land stewardship to allow for affordable housing, mentorship opportunities and localized food and energy systems.

She is a co-steward of Gaiacraft and is poised to complete a diploma from the Permaculture Institute (USA) with specialisms in Media and Site Development. She also collaborates to offer ecological design and consulting along with several forms of media including photography, short films and iBook design.

She is in the core group of Sunshine Coast in Transition, an elected member of her local Official Community Planning Committee and also sits on the board of Salish Sea Productions – co-creating socially relevant works focusing on themes of social justice and inclusion, Indigenous and intercultural issues, women, youth and the environment and spirituality.

Dana has worked internationally as a photojournalist and documentary producer and has had several films on the international festival circuit with her company Mortal Coil Media, including Yallah! underground – a documentary on underground music in the Middle East.


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