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Exploring Social Permaculture

Social Permaculture is a new wave of activism and inspiration pouring forth from permeable edges of the Permaculture Movement. Those surfing the wave of this evolution can cast an eye towards a hopeful future where all beings and things are cared for.


Applewood Permaculture

Curriculum gems and patterned course story from a Training of Teachers with Rosemary Morrow, Looby Macnamara and Chris Evans.
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Bullocks Permaculture

Permaculture Design Folio from an Advanced Design Course at the Bullocks Homestead

Maps and Designs


Heart Map Book

Nestled in a coastal mountain rainforest village is one of the cool climate permaculture garden campus sites for Gaiacraft. This book explores permaculture design methods for mapping including a zone and sector analysis for the Heart Gardens and can be used as a template for peoples own mapping process.


Heart Garden Book

Permaculture site maps include plant and animal lists, sometimes even noting the exact locations of plants on the site so they can be easily located and identified. This book features permaculture garden guilds made mostly from native plants of British Columbia with a history of use by Coastal First Peoples, these plants are suitable for most coastal cool climates.

Heart Plant Book

The advanced permaculture site map includes not only plant lists but also information about the ecological and human uses of each plant as well as the time of flowering, fruit and seeding. By noting functions, products and harvest times, permaculture people can plant gardens effectively which produces an abundance of diverse products for the human and natural community

Heart Design Book

Permaculture map and design processes are always ongoing. This book shares a cool climate design for the heart gardens, a public demonstration garden featuring plants with a history of use by Coastal First Peoples of British Columbia. This book serves as an example of how to approach a permaculture design process.

CoSM Visionary Permaculture Map Book

Permaculture Site Maps includes Base maps, animal and plant lists, zones and sectors. This process can be collaborative by creating a shared book that many different people can add to. This is a cool climate permaculture map for a 40 acre property for in upstate New York.

CoSM Visionary Permaculture Design Book

Permaculture Site Designs includes many different creative ideas for possibilities. This process can be collaborative by creating a shared book that many different people can add to. This is a cool climate permaculture map for a 40 acre property in upstate New York.

The Forest Atrium

The map and design of another Gaiacraft Campus : The Forest Atrium. An evolution of CoHousing that embraces the surrounding ecosystem and provides affordable solutions to housing for a full-spectrum of demographics, while connecting community and local food systems. A model for how people can live in resilient community within nature’s open space, complete with diversified solutions.

Learning Pathways


Dew Doctoral Template : Documentation 2014

The original Permaculture Academy wanted to provide a low-cost, participant driven learning pathway for graduate work. My project is to explore the possibilities for post-PDC and post-diploma permaculture and offer options to the Permaculture Institute to consider opening graduate school pathways. This is a documentation template for graduate work in permaculture.

Dew Doctoral Template : Documentation 2013

The original permaculture education system included a graduate program to support people to do advanced work in permaculture. Modelled after the mainstream system, this is 5 or more years of applied work in any area that includes professional innovation and contributes to the human and ecological community. Here is a documentation template for graduate work in permaculture.

Dew Diploma Template : Report 2012

The next-step after a permaculture design certificate for those wanting to follow a formal learning path is the Permaculture Diploma, 3-5 + years of applied permaculture work in any area that contributes to the larger human and ecological community. Here is a report template sharing a diploma journey through the Permaculture Institute program. Learn about their new program at

Dew Masters Template : Thesis 2010

Once you have completed a Permaculture Diploma, the original Permaculture Academy Model included Bachelor, Masters and Doctoral Degrees. Here is a Masters Thesis completed with Bill Mollison on Permaculture Education in relation to people of all ages and educational backgrounds from mainstream and alternative educational models.

Dew Diploma Template : Report 2005

Once you complete your Permaculture Design Certificate you can continue to do a Diploma, 2 or more years where you apply permaculture to your life in any area and document it. There documentation template sharing a diploma journey through the original Permaculture Academy program.

Dew Doctoral Template : Documentation 2015

Exploring post-diploma permaculture, this documentation is from a doctoral project looking at potentials and possibilities of advanced permaculture learning pathways. This is a template for how you can organize permaculture documentation of your permaculture journey.


Pollinating : A Journey of Permaculture Discovery – Dana Wilson 2016

A three year adventure into education from the Permaculture Diploma journey of Dana Wilson.


Dew Diploma : Action Learning Plan 2016

The template for a Diploma Action Learning Plan through the Permaculture Association of the UK under the mentorship of Looby Macnamara.

Doctoral 2017 cover

Dew Doctoral Report 2017

A template for the documentation of a post-pdc permaculture learning pathway.


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