Free Social Permaculture Activation Day

When you are prepared, you know how to respond.” – Rosemary Morrow

FREE Social Permaculture Activation Day
Saturday June 3rd
11am – 5:30pm
Calgary, Alberta


Share in this creative day exploring.permaculture in a unique way.Join facilitators Kym Chi and Skye Dreamer in an exploration of how to create resilient communities with media, design games and interactive discussions. Enjoy a potluck and meet like minded people while becoming more conscious citizens.

Topics will include; disaster preparedness, Permaculture economics and community development with a focus on placemaking.

Space is limited. You must register to attend this free event. The centrally located and transit accessible venue will be announced upon registration.

Email to sign up.

Kym Chi teaches Permacutlure, enjoys making plant medicines and works with One Straw Society, a non profit advocating for food security.

Skye Dreamer is an avid nature artist, author and storyteller, creative communitarian, and field trip facilitator; versatile and passionate in all forms of his work.


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