Gaiacraft Permaculture Design Elements Deck

Gaiacraft Permaculture Design Elements Deck

This 81-card mobile permaculture design mapping game shares a polyfunctional toolkit for learning and teaching permaculture through design charrettes for people of all ages, languages and educational histories. These are available as free open source printable files and are also available professionally printed and die cut with rounded corners directly from the on demand printer at cost. The project was inspired by and created under the mentorship of Michael Becker and Rosemary Morrrow.

Permaculture is a path. Learning how to care for the earth while caring for ourselves and the future is the heart of the permaculture ethos. One key to becoming more conscious planetary citizens, is to become more aware of the plant, animals and systems around you, your home and your community. Identifying and opening up direct relationships with the living things around you will enhance your ability to design an abundant, healthy and harmonious lifestyle.


envoy : Delvin Solkinson –
graphic design : Lunaya Shekinah –
cool climate art : Ben Tour –
tropic and dryland art : Martin Bridge –
Spanish : Vacio Cielo
Brazilian Portuguese : Rafael Ribeiro
Source inspiration : Michael Becker
Rowe Morrow

Elements Gallery
Elements Game

Permaculture Design Primer

An all ages permaculture education toolkit for curriculum development.

The first step to a permaculture design process is mapping.

This mobile permaculture design mapping game features a polyfunctional toolset for learning and teaching permaculture on a number of levels. The game can be played a thousand ways but here is a primer to get your creativity activated.

The Quest is the main objective of each game

The Game is how each activity is done

The Questions can be asked to the group or individuals to guide a design process.

Primary Gaming


Match elements that you think go together.


Layout the tokens randomly and ask the group to bunch them together in groups that seem to fit together in any way.


1. What is the same about the elements that have been placed together?

2. Can we use one or two elements from each group to create a farm design?

Elementary Gaming


Create a map of a farm


Spreadout the tokens around a game board or peace of paper and ask participants to co-design a farm. Include pens to add colour, fences, streams and other features not found in the elements deck.


1. Can any of the elements share the same space?

2. Can you move the elements around so they take up less space?

3. Do any of the elements work well when placed near to each other?

4. Do any of the elements work well when placed apart from each other?

Design Consultation


Use the elements to map out an existing property.


Arrange the tokens onto a game board or paper and draw in any missing elements. Be sure to include contours, fences, running water and other sectors.


1. How can we arrange the tokens in a way that accurately represents the actual space we are talking about?

2. Are there any elements missing that are important to include?

3. How can new elements be fit into the new design efficiently?

4. Will moving around any of the existing elements make the design more efficient or abundant?


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