Gaiacraft Workbook

Gaiacraft Workbook

“Permaculture gives us a toolkit for moving from a culture of fear and scarcity to one of love and abundance” – Toby Hemenway

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As an offering to the Transition, our permaculture team has created a Workbook of Permaculture Worksheets. Collected at trainings from some of the Masters and Maestras of Permaculture, these notes share a number of foundational concepts from the permaculture paradigm. This is a sampler of the core permaculture curriculum which itself is sourced and innovated from a vast collection of traditional and modern understandings, techniques, directives, principles, strategies, technologies and permaculture design methods found globally in many conscious cultures.

The Gaiacraft Permaculture Workbook shares a collection of universal handouts which string together selections from a larger body of teachings in the lineage of Bill Mollison. This workbook was designed by Lunaya Shekinah of who can be hired to help fulfill any of your permaculture design dreams. The core content was sourced by Delvin Solkinson through permaculture courses and advanced trainings done over the course of a decade from loved and respected Permaculture Masters and Maestras : Bill Mollison, Rowe Morrow, David Holmgren, Geoff Lawton, Robin Clayfield, Toby Hemenway, Larry Santoyo, Tom Ward, Mark Lakeman and Patricia Michael. This edition is part of a five year Doctoral Degree in Permaculture Education, it grows and evolves along with the permaculture movement. Considerable editing and contributions were made by Tamara Griffiths, Jacob Aman, Tes Tesla, Ali Ma and Lunaya Shekinah without whom this would not have been possible. Photographs were generously shared by Josef Schmidt of as well as Vacio Cielo, and Rob Bertrand. This global community education initiative will bring a creatively unique and practical addition to your understanding and practice of permaculture.

This newly updated third edition was created in 2014. Currently we are working on editions in Spanish, Portuguese, French and Hebrew. We would love to have translations into other languages as well. The workbook is available as free, open source files. It is also available as a professionally bound edition direct from an on demand printer. Purchasing a copy is a way to support Gaiacraft and the development of many more permaculture learning and teaching tools.

We encourage copying of these worksheets for your friends and students. They can be freely shared as an open-source community education platform. We recommend high quality color reproduction so that they continue to look good when passed through many generations of printings. In this way we intend these worksheets to travel the world freely, supporting and inspiring the evolution of the permaculture paradigm.

Grow your creative understanding of design with this regenerative Permaculture Primer.



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