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Ecological Design


  • Design ecological and holistic garden systems
  • Choose species that provide food, fuel, fibre, medicine and craft materials
  • Enhance the soil, air, water, beauty and productivity through regenerative techniques
  • Create biodiversity, while encouraging the use of plants native to the region
  • Use natural materials such as locally sourced clay, stones and wood
  • Support local initiatives, artisans and farmers
  • Grow and source organic, non-GMO plants
  • Organize community-lead initiatives to deal with invasive species without the use of chemicals
  • Remove invasive species and encourage the return of native species
  • Provide habitat for songbirds, bees, butterflies & other beneficial fauna
  • Support client participation
  • Encourage education on ecological land design


Consultation : Site Assessment, client interview and visioning session – resulting in a written report, with ideas, resources and references.

Design : More detailed observation of the site, mapping and design

Installation : Selecting and sourcing plants, soil building, hardscaping, design installation and maintenance plan.

Maintenance : Continued observation of garden systems and plants. Tending and upgrading as needed.



Gaia’s Guild is also a network of media makers that documents learnings with plants, gardens and healing places. Mixing art and media in the documentation, results in a blend of traditional artistic flair with digital media. Inspired by natural creative processes, the Guild brings a reverence for the land and its people and aims to empower, educate and entertain.


  • Mapping : Site documentation and design (cost varies on size of space and detail)
  • Photography : Portraits, documentary, parties, events and naturescapes.
  • Sound Recording : Events, gatherings and interviews
  • Filming : Interviews and events
  • Media documentation : Collating and combining multi-media into cohesive thematic packages in a variety of formats that include : Power Points, PDFs, digital and print books
  • Project Management : Working with groups and motivating collaborators to perform and create to their highest potentials


Motivated by innovative projects that exemplify ethics that care for the Earth, care for people and care for the future.


For examples of ecological design and media please download or view Dana Wilson’s CV :

Food forester, designer, herbalist and teacher Richard Walker developed a 3 acre property in Grand Forks, BC, from a bare horse pasture into a lush self-sustaining forest garden with over 400 nut trees and seven storeys of food and medicine bearing perennial plants and vines. Moving to a new site around 2013, Richard is developing a food forest at his new home in Osoyoos, Canada. This meme map, created by Dana Wilson, indicates some of what he has planted. More can be seen in this book Food Forestry North of the 49th in which Gaia’s Guild has many featured photographs.



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