Heart Cards

Heart Cards

Gaiacraft presents a free, open source learning and teaching toolkit for cool climate food, medicine and tool plants. This card set includes images and information about Food-Medicine plants with a long history of use by Coastal First Peoples of British Columbia which can grow in most temperate or cool climates. Featuring Frog’s Eye View Macro-Photography by Robyn Hume Photography, Graphic Design by Lunaya Shekinah of www.lightsciencedesign.com and whole systems curation by Delvin Solkinson of www.villagerepair.org, this is a creative collaboration celebrating the sacred beauty and magic of nature. They share information sourced and inspired by the books of Nancy Turner and the Plants for a Future Data Base. This is a unique look at the natural world like you have never seen it before. Native perennial plants are part of real food security, supporting the creation of relocalized and resilient communities. 18 card booster packs will be released regularly. Join this creative learning journey by following the releases as this deck is built over the coming years.

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It may be cheaper and easier to order these boosters online from our print-by-demand printer. If you would like to order multiple boosters, just follow these links to the right and purchase the cards in separate browsers. They will be added to your cart. Just don’t check out and pay for your order until you have “purchased” all the boosters you want. Then you will only have to pay the shipping once.


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