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Harvesting Food Security


Harvesting Food Security is a collection of images, stories and video from the Vancouver Neighbourhood Food Networks representing a diversity of community based food programs. This interactive iBook is a grassroots experiment created to integrate and share the Network’s experience with a larger audience. This collection was assembled with the tireless support of many people. Much of what exists in the iBook is formatted to accommodate a PDF. We invite you to enjoy and share in the experience.

Growing Roots


Growing Roots: A Newcomer’s Guide to Vancouver was developed in response to the diverse needs of people arriving in Vancouver; as an invitation for participation and as a useful resource for accessing services and welcoming spaces. The guide features personal stories of newcomers and long-time residents sharing how they grew roots in the city.

Six original videos were produced for the guide and a graphic illustrator turned photographs into works of art featuring the words of each subject, alongside icons in chalk to represent each section. The project was an experiment with a variety of media and new forms of technology meant to engage a diverse population.

The guide is available as a PDF, EPUB and iBook on the City of Vancouver website and a limited number of printed books were created. Printed maps are available that convey the essence of the book in a single page and encourages users to write on and personalize it.


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