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(Formerly Lunaya Shekinah)


Created by Unity Avatar (with Elvish Envoy Delvin Solkinson)

FULL COLOUR GALLERY AND MORE INFO AT : www.permacultureprincipleseducation.ca

Permaculture is a healthy technique dedicated to educational evolutionary paradigms, which resolve major concerns for human life and technology. This new education set of Principles of Permaculture modelled with ecology and geometric symbols has been started, in progress. Currently, many symbols are being designed to complete a full set of 64 symbols. This 64-part journey through Permaculture paradigms of ecology and nature is designed to heal mind and emotional problems such as fear. Healing is easy with this full set of accurate geometric concepts. This tool is able to work easily in any classroom, educational setting, age group or mental disability formula, with respect to group dynamics in multi-level understandings. With permaculture anyone can grow a lifestyle that heals ecological concerns and all are participating in the connection between integrated paradigms of new societal potential, personal growth and ability. Here the strategies and connections for success in all ages work and learning is a similarity and difference, clarity and connection and all-ages reality – with everyone in dynamic together.

A full gallery of card images for play and use online are available at www.unitylifeavatar.ca
Blessings and thank you for checking out this work.


Unity Life Avatar is a cultural creative and New Earth designer engaging the plants and people with love.

Her contributions to global permaculture education and media work have been many. In her evolving journey from graphic design to deep stewardship all ages permaculture education Unity has honoured the source of her work, the presence of all that is. Naturally, this has included cultural and permaculture education support regarding evolved parenting, natural school systems and creative purpose for engineering a revitalized approach to new human models for educational liberation. Her work as a co-designer and ally to many teachers has been a support.

Unity is the co-creator, designer and steward of the Gaiacraft Permaculture Play Cards, all ages educational set. She has also been an artist and graphic designer for the Permaculture Principles Design Deck, Elements Deck, Gaiacraft Workbooks and a variety of other educational tools in our Gaiacraft media wing. She also created the entire Gaiacraft website, allowing it to be a collaborative space.

Her background in permaculture education includes 2 teacher trainings, a PDC, and a nearly completed diploma in media, with some educational work and gardening experience to compliment her brilliant focus on art and design.

Unity currently works as a healer, designer and steward of ecological and permaculture paradigms in new human Earth stewardship and culture. Her current vision for permaculture will allow all PDC curriculum to reflect deeper ecological paradigms of natural awakening and true empowerment. Her need to represent culture of Earth as creative and evolutionary has been the motive for her success.


Contact : truth@unitylifeavatar.ca

Unity Life : www.unitylifeavatar.ca
Permaculture Principles Play Set : www.permacultureprincipleseducation.ca


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