Maps and Designs

Permaculture Maps and Designs

These were developed by participants in Gaiacraft Permaculture Design Certification programs. The core project is do a year long observational mapping project while doing the year long PDC, then do a final design project based on the land that was mapped.


Paul Myers : Backyard Bounty

Heather Gatz

David Dalley :

Eileen Kage

Erin Newell

Christian Prekratic

Ernest Mccrank

Jen Buchanan

Kelsey Wood


Lauren Aldenstar

Norma Jean

Roland Rickus

Val and Peter Rock


Leonie Croy

Melissa Meyer

Gaiacraft_Permaculture_Design_BC_Robertts Creek_ Sunshine_Coast_Homesteading_Delvin_Solkinson_Kym_Chi-280PRINT Gaiacraft_Permaculture_Design_BC_Robertts Creek_ Sunshine_Coast_Homesteading_Delvin_Solkinson_Kym_Chi-286PRINT


Josh Davis

Jo Tobias

Wieteke Verhoeven


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