Martin Bridge

Martin Bridge

Martin was born into a lineage of artists and educators, a family tradition he is proud to carry forth. His art spans a wide range of media including painting, sculpture, theater design and site-specific installation. His spiritual path, as an Animist, is a primary influence in his art that seeks to celebrates the sacredness inherent in nature, the consciousness in all life and the power of place. It also challenges the cultural paradigms that dictate the way we relate to both the natural world as well as to our sisters and brothers. His work as an educator and Permaculture Designer are additional manifestations of the values to which his work speaks. Through his art Martin strives to inspire and cultivate a greater sense of mystery and possibility in our experience of the world. Martin is a longstanding member of the Earthspirit Community based in the hills of Western MA that he calls home. His homestead is an evolving opus designed to serve as a living medium and teaching tool, a model of eco-spiritual philosophy united with sustainable design strategies.

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