Mary Degan

maryMary Degan grew up farming in SouthWestern Ontario, and experienced many modalities of food production. Her immediate family had a small self-sustaining organic hobby farm where they produced the majority of their own food, supplemented by hunting and fishing. Mary has resided on magical Mount Elphinstone, BC for about 20 years and is currently dancing toward her Permaculture Diploma in Education through Permaculture Institute USA. Mary has also completed a permaculture teaching workshop with Scott Pittman & Larry Santoyo. Mary was a strong supporter and student of Robin Wheeler’s Sustainable Living Arts School, and is now a director and teacher with this institution. Mary utilizes her training in many healing and movement pathways to raise awareness and choreograph community-based solutions to food security and food sovereignty issues. Mary has been utilizing her experience of over 20 years in media and publishing to continue to foster open communcation and education. She was one of two coordinators of the Sunshine Coast Fruit Tree Project in 2009, which won the Innovative Community Capacity Building Award from the Canadian Cancer Society‚Äôs Community Capacity Building Strategy. Mary has been a director on the board of the non-profit One Straw Society ( for many years, overseeing the birth and stewardship of many programs focused on re-skilling community members and building community capacity for resiliency. Mary is passionate about her community and sustainability, and is working toward increasing the Sunshine Coast, BC’s ability to become and continue to be a healthy, beautiful, bountiful bioregion.


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