Permaculture Principles Solutions Game

Permaculture Principles Solutions Game

“Though the problems of the world seem increasingly complex, the solutions remain embarrassingly simple.” – Bill Mollison

Permaculture offers a whole systems, solutions based approach to conscious design and helps us to live rich and fulfilling lives, while considering the Earth’s, its people and future generations to come. Helping us face some of the worlds biggest problems it teaches self responsibility, community building and earth stewardship through connecting with nature and recognizing the beneficial connections within. In our current paradigm we are facing large systemic problems that can seem overwhelming. These problems may appear to be too challenging to take on or overcome, but at the heart of the situation, there is always a solution. Permaculture is based on principles found in nature. The earth’s operating system is extremely advanced and holds the keys that can aid us in redesigning our lives in simple and efficient ways, empowering us to solve many problems! We are excited to announce the release of the Permaculture Principles Solution Game! Printable files are available freely for download and coming soon will be the fully produced card set direct from an on-demand printer. While learning about natures design system, this game looks into some of the problems many of us face everyday and shows how when we practically apply the Permaculture Principles to our lives, while we inherently contribute to solving them in simple and positive ways. This dynamic card game is great for teachers and students alike. Simple instructions are included and it can be played in a multitude of ways. You are encouraged to use this learning tool in any creative way you can imagine.

Text & Design concept: Kym Chi ~ Graphic Design: Lunaya Shekinah ~ Source Curriculum: Bill Mollison, Toby Hemenway, David Holmgren, Rosemary Morrow, Delvin Solkinson


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