Star Eagle Lodge


Star Eagle Lodge

Outside the Star Eagle Lodge is a healing garden space nestled in the forest edge with a view of the mountains over the sea. The custom cob bench allows you to completely lay down, soak up rays of sun that are stored during the day and released at night. From this view,  the herb spiral appearing as tall as the mountains, provides multiple microclimates meeting the needs of shade and moisture loving herbs up to high, dry and sunny conditions. From here, you are totally immersed in the garden, while dragonflies, frogs and creatures of all kinds sip from the pond made of clay beneath the water loving flora that hosts song birds and offers food for humans. In the north is a key hole bed design that you enter through an arbor of golden berries, stepping into the path that is surrounded by annual vegetables and edible ground covers! This garden was carefully created to enhance the beauty of the site by working with native plants creating habitat for beneficial creatures that also generates food and medicine for people!

In honour of the four directions this garden has been designed to highlight the spirits of the East,  South, West and North with special plants and elements.

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