Vacio Cielo

Vacio Cielo

Vacio Cielo is a permaculture educator, interpreter and translator. Born and raised in a city of concrete nested in the Andes Mountains of Colombia. Seven years ago his travels brought him into the small village of Roberts Creek in the west coast of British Columbia where the prospects of long awaited return to the rainforest of his dreams and a permaculture self directed educational experience were made possible under the guidance of Robin Wheeler and Delvin Solkinson

His aspiration is to contribute to the Permaculture Community of Spanish speaking countries with timely and important translations of the Gaiacraft material, as well as to contribute developing educational platforms in Spanish in order to help propagate these teachings far and wide into where is needed most: Community groups, community gardens, schools, local councils and ecological businesses. His vision & mandate includes to facilitate and to foster the flow of plant medicine knowledge and traditions of the peoples of North and South of the Americas. Over the years this has taken him into teaching introductory permaculture courses in Colombia both in the city and in rural settings exploring the fundamental interconnectedness of permaculture with the natural ways.

Vacio’s sees himself as a pilgrim on the Permacultural Journey, always learning. Having visited and lived at variety of permaculture projects and eco-villages in North, Central and South America, his multicultural life learning experiences and interpretive talents are of great value in this emerging global alliance of teachers and conscious designers currently he lives in Roberts Creek BC.


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