Village Repair


In this time of mounting global environmental, economic, political and social crisis, we have a unique opportunity as individuals and communities to redesign our public places. This placemaking initiative emerged from Portland and its globally celebrated ‘City Repair’ movement with its many ‘Intersection Repairs’ thanks to Mark Lakeman and a whole community of other inspirators, visionaries and activists.

The Village Repair branch of Gaiacraft is a local grassroots initiative growing in the mossy cedar rainforests of Mt. Elphinstone, British Columbia. In the Heart Gardens and surrounding downtown core of our coastal village, a unique community comes together to build foundations for a regenerative future. Here we can see social permaculture vignettes intended to inspire creative placemaking in small towns and villages around the world. This creative media platform shares templates for a conscious, relocalized and resilient community including ; community gardens, community mandala, eco-education center, permaculture demonstration sites, food micro-forest, bikepaths, and sitting areas located in gardens on public right of way. Our placemaking efforts includes intentional businesses dedicated to health and healing including a healthfood store, yoga studio and crystal shoppe.

As an activated Social Permaculture program and Transition Initiative, Village Repair hopes to inspire communities to redesign their own neighbourhoods into thriving, abundant and diverse ecosystems which support the web of life for all living and non-living things.

At the heart of Village Repair is building a conscious community. The first step to this is getting to know your neighbours including all the people, schools, local government representatives, non-profits, community groups and all the birds, mammals, reptiles, insects, mushrooms, plants and other living and non-living things that live around you for some or all of the year.


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


Free Education. Free the Movement. Gaiacraft.

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