Visionary Permaculture Intro Workshop

Visionary Permaculture Intro Workshop

Full Moon Workshop  : Visionary Permaculture 

May 2, 2016

Admission : $64

(Includes workshop, dinner and entry to Full Moon Gathering)

Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex, 

the solutions remain embarrassingly simple

– Bill Mollison, Co-Originator of Permaculture

Permaculture is a post-paradigm. It shares an ecological design toolkit combining traditional knowledge from the worlds indigenous cultures and modern scientific understandings on how to design lifestyles, homes, gardens, farms and communities in a way that cares for people, the planet and their future. Permaculture presents possibilities for retrofiting, rebuilding and reconnecting our systems of food production, education, governance, economics, education, gardening and all other visible and invisible structures of society. By redesigning the way we manage energy and resources, we can cultivate resilience in our life, work, and relationships as well as in our community and ecosystem.

Pilgrimage to the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors to join Delvin Solkinson and a group of conscious learners converging to experience the new edge of permaculture. Together we will explore the art and naturescapes at CoSM while sharing in an advanced introduction to the permaculture post-paradigm.

Event Schedule

3 pm – 6 pm : Workshop

6 pm : Dinner

7 pm : Full Moon Gathering

email for more details

Delvin Solkinson teaches the Visionary Permaculture Design Certificate Course at CoSM. He has completed a PDC, Diploma and Masters Degree with Bill Mollison, the co-originator of Permaculture, and done advanced teacher trainings with permaculture elders Rosemary Morrow, David Holmgren, Geoff Lawton, Patricia Michael, Robyn Francis, the Bullock Brothers, Tom Ward, Jude Hobbs, Larry Santoyo, Scott Pittman, Michael Becker, Robin Wheeler, Starhawk and Robin Clayfield. Delvin is an accredited teacher through the Permaculture Research Institute and a Field Mentor through Permaculture Institute USA. He done a permaculture design certificate in Portland with Toby Hemenway and a second Diploma through PI USA and is currently doing a doctoral study in Permaculture Education.

short videos :

The CoSM Shop and the Mushroom Cafe will be open.

Rooms are available for rent in Grey House, CoSM’s fully renovated Visionary Victorian guest house.

Many originals and reproductions of Alex Grey & Allyson Grey’s artwork are on display in the guest house.

CoSM, Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, 46 Deer Hill Road, Wappingers Falls, NY 12590 – click here for directions


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