Visionary Permaculture Workbook

Visionary Permaculture Workbook

 “Everything about the world is miraculous.”
– Mark Lakeman 

This heart-based, open source, non-profit offering to the world is dedicated to all learners and teachers of permaculture. We hope that people will study the core texts and attend the courses and presentations of the Masters and Maestras whose teachings are being introduced with this uniquely creative educational toolkit.

Free Downloads :

Click the links to open the PDF’s in a new window or right-click and choose “Save As” :

Download : Placemaking
Download : CoSM Medicine
Download : Soil

Spanish Downloads :

Download : Deep Ecology

French Downloads :

Download : La Permaculture : Un Approach Systemique

Additional Worksheets (not included in the book) :


Visioned and edited by Delvin Solkinson with source curriculum by a host of permaculture people worldwide. Loving design from Lunaya Shekinah of celebrates the intrinsic beauty of the permaculture path.

Free Education. Free the movement. Gaiacraft –


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Free Education. Free the Movement. Gaiacraft.

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